About Gordon

Thank you for coming to Findaloan247. I  hope to provide you with relevant information on loans and financial positions  you may find yourself in as a student , young professional or seasoned veteran. Whether it be for personal or business circumstances. It’s all about information these days and if we can simplify the loans process or provide some understanding of your current financial situation, with some valid options of a way forward then I would feel that I am reaching my goal.

My Story

Growing up at school I always dreamed of becoming a professional sports star. In my mind, playing sport for a living and getting an income from that was the ‘nirvana’. Fit and doing a ‘job’ that I loved. It would have been the best life I could have imagined.

While I did reach a high level of representation, it was at the age of 24 I realized that my dream was fading and I had to pivot and start thinking of another ‘career’ I had selected a sport that didn’t offer any real financial future and my ‘dreams’ came to an end.

24 years later having lived and worked in 6 countries, with 3 Businesses and a 4th Business with my wife I realized how important it was to have funds available to you to get over the hump that a business is likely to experience. In addition I also became aware of when personal loans may be required in order to invest in some assets, or exciting opportunity and in the case of Education, how to afford my Degree or Diploma. I also saw firsthand how much information there is when it comes to Financial products and the labyrinth that you can find yourself in.

Most recently, Student Loan Refinancing is a huge space as the US has 1.5 trillion in Student debt and I know that some students will need a little bit of information to get started on the Consolidation investigation piece or loan application stage .

We found the loan process and landscape so complicated. I wished that there was an resource to get a high level overview of loans to reduce my research time. and enable me to make an informed decision, giving me the details of the Institution or entity offering that loan and providing a starting point.

The “Why”

Quite simply, if I had a resource to go to and explain what was available in terms of loans and with whom, then I know the process of getting started and getting the applications underway would have been reduced.

These days time is at a premium and not many people have a lot of spare time. We need things and information quickly, so we can make a decision and move on to the next thing that is waiting for our time. I decided to make this resource available  and try to help others that may be in the same situation as I have found myself in on many occasions.

Our Goals

Primarily , we just want to provide valid honest information on loans, whether they be Business related, personal loans or Student loans. What type of loans may be best for you and who offers these loans.

Essentially we just want to reduce the research pain when the time arises for additional capital so you can confidently apply with the correct financial Institution or entity offering the loan.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




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